Olam Cocoa Powder 200DP11

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Alkalised cocoa powder is processed by adding an alkalizing agent like potassium carbonate. This increases the pH, due to which bitterness and astringency of the cocoa powder is reduced. This improves the colour and taste of the finished product. It is used across the food and beverage industry to add chocolate flavour to products.

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Product Details

Medium alkalised cocoa powder is processed by adding an alkalizing agent like potassium carbonate. This increases the pH, due to which bitterness and astringency  is reduced. This improves the colour and taste of the finished product. It is used across the food and beverage industry to add chocolate flavour to products.

Characteristic Features:

  • Medium Alkalized Cocoa
  • pH: 6.8 to 7.2
  • Smooth Powder
  • Blends Easily

More Details:

Product Name Olam Cocoa Powder 200DP11
Product Use Ice Creams, Dairy, Milk Shakes
Flavour and taste Mild Cocoa
Colour Medium Brown
Starting Material Cocoa Pods
Storage Conditions Keep in Cool and Dry Conditions
Brand Olam
Origin Indonesia


Alkalized Cocoa Powder production:

Alkalized cocoa powder is produced through Dutch processing. In this method, cocoa beans are first roasted, then ground into a paste called chocolate liquor. The chocolate liquor is pressed to remove the cocoa butter, leaving behind a solid cocoa mass. This mass is treated with an alkaline solution, such as potassium carbonate to achieve alkalization.

This process reduces the acidity and astringency, resulting in a milder flavor and darker color. The degree of alkalization can vary, with lighter alkalized cocoa powders undergoing a milder treatment than darker varieties. The alkalized cocoa powder is then dried and packaged.


Applications of Alkalized Cocoa Powder

Alkalized Cocoa Powder in Beverage Industry:

Alkalized cocoa is used in the production of chocolate-flavored drinks.like hot chocolates, mochas, and chocolate milk. It is also used in coffee and chocolate based premixes to impart cocoa flavor. It is also used in chocolate-flavored syrups and sauces, which are commonly used to enhance the flavor of beverages. 


Alkalized Cocoa Powder in Baking industry:

Alkalized cocoa is used to add chocolate flavour and dark colour to a variety of baked goods. It is commonly used in cakes, cookies, brownies, and muffins, as well as in chocolate icings and frostings.

The alkalization process reduces the cocoa powder’s acidity, resulting in a smoother, milder flavour that blends well with other ingredients. It also enhances the texture and moisture content of baked goods, contributing to their overall quality.

Alkalized Cocoa Powder in Confectionery industry:

Alkalized cocoa is a crucial ingredient in the confectionery industry, where it is used to create a wide range of chocolate products. Its rich flavor and dark color make it ideal for making chocolates, truffles, and soft candies.

t is also used in chocolate bars, chocolate coatings for candies, and chocolate-flavored fillings for pastries and desserts. Its ability to blend smoothly with other ingredients and its intense chocolate flavor make it a popular choice among confectioners.


Types of Alkalized Cocoa Powder:

Based on the level of alkalization, there are three forms of Alkalized cocoa:

  1. Light Alkalized: The pH level of lightly alkalized cocoa typically ranges from 6.8 to 7.2. It is typically used in.Chocolates, Syrups, Powdered Concentrates etc. The color of this grade is usually Light Brown.
  2. Medium Alkalized: Medium alkalized cocoa has a pH level between 7.2 and 7.6. It is typically used in beverages,ice creams, dairy based products and milk chocolates. The color of this grade is usually Medium Brown, Reddish Brown or Brown.
  3. Dark alkalized: Dark alkalized cocoa is the most alkalized, with a pH level of 7.6 or higher. This cocoa powder is treated with a strong alkaline solution, resulting in a darker color and a more intense flavor.
    It is usually used in Dark Chocolates, Dark biscuits & cookies, Bakery & Cake premixes, and powdered concentrates.
    The color of this grade ranges from Reddish Dark Brown, Dark Brown, Intense Dark Brown to Black, depending on the levels of alkalization.


Alkalized Cocoa Powder: Prices and Availability

Alkalized cocoa is prepared using Cacao Beans, which are cultivated primarily in Africa & Indonesia, and imported. Most of the alkalized cocoa available in India are manufactured in Indonesia. Due to this, the prices of this product vary depending on factors like:

  1. Yield of Cacao beans
  2. Seasonal pricing trends and availability of Cocoa powder
  3. Import duties
  4. Changes in import laws, treaties or international trade laws


Alkalized cocoa vs Natural cocoa powder: A comparison

Alkalized and natural cocoa powder have distinct differences in flavor, color, and uses. Here’s a comparison of the two:


Natural cocoa is made from cocoa beans that are roasted and then processed to remove the cocoa butter, resulting in a dry, flavorful powder. Alkalized cocoa undergoes an additional process where it is treated with an alkaline solution to neutralize its acidity.


Natural cocoa has a lighter colour, ranging from light brown to reddish-brown, while alkalized cocoa powder is darker, often deep brown or black, depending on the level of alkalization.


Natural cocoa powder has a strong, slightly acidic flavour with fruity undertones. Alkalized cocoa powder has a milder, less acidic flavour due to the alkalization process, which also reduces its fruity notes and astringency

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Frequently Asked Questions about Alkalized Cocoa Powder:

1. What is the pH of Alkalized cocoa?

Alkalized cocoa can be found in a range of pH. The major categories are:

  • Light alkalized: pH 6.8-7.2
  • Medium alkalized: pH 7.2-7.6
  • Medium to High alkalized: pH 7.4-7.8
  • Dark Alkalized: pH 7.8-9.2
2.What are the flavor profiles of Alkalized Cocoa?

Alkalized cocoa is available in diverse flavor profiles based on its level of alkalization. The major categories of flavors available in order of level of alkalization) are

  1. Mild Cocoa with fruity note
  2. Mild Cocoa
  3. Full bodied Cocoa
  4. Intense Cocoa
  5. Strong Dark Cocoa
  6. Strong Bitter Cocoa
3. What are the colors available of Alkalized Cocoa?

The major range of available colors of alkalized cocoa are:

  • Light Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Reddish Brown
  • Reddish Dark Brown
  • Intense Dark Brown
  • Black


4. What is the usual source, packaging and price of Alkalized Cocoa?

Source: Most of the Alkalised cocoa available in the Indian market is manufactured in Indonesia and imported.

Packaging: 20 & 25 kg packs are the usual pack sizes.

Price: The price can vary distinctly across even weeks, based on availability, import duties, yield of cacao beans and other market driving factors.

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