Sugar Replacement & Reduction Solutions for Besan Laddoo using Stevia Blends

Sugar Replacement & Reduction Solutions for Besan Laddoo using Stevia Blends

At Arboreal, we are on a mission to provide sugar alternatives without compromising on Sweetness, Flavor & Texture.

Expected Outcome

An average Besan Laddoo has nearly 35% added sugar in it. Our goal is Replacement and Reduction of this Sugar without compromising on its sweetness, texture, flavor & mouth-feel.

Factors to consider while choosing the blends

  • Complete or partial sugar reduction
  • Pricing
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Key Properties:

  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • Reduced Calories
  • Better Binding Properties & Texture
  • Enhances the base taste
  • Rich in Dietary Fibers

Sugar Replacement & Reduction Solution for Besan Laddoo by Arboreal

Product NameKey PropertiesApplication
ArboEDGE CBT01Reduced calories
– 1:1 sugar replacement
Specially designed for Besan Laddoo’s unique Texture & Taste
– Partial & complete sugar reduction

All these products have been rigorously tested by our Formulation and Sensory Evaluation teams for Taste, Texture & Aftertaste for a great sugar reduction/removal experience.

Partner with Arboreal for Calorie reduced, 100% Natural, Non GMO Sugar Replacement & Reduction Solutions with amazing Taste & Texture

Visit us here to explore our range of stevia based products and other alternative sweetener products.

Click here to read the GRAS (Generally regarded as safe) notification of Stevia extracts.

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