Zero Sugar Baking

No Sugar Baking

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The Zero Sugar Challenge

In the baking industry, sugar serves as more than just a sweetener.

It contributes to texture, moisture retention, mouthfeel, and, most importantly, imparts the signature browned caramel flavors.

Replicating these intricate characteristics posed the biggest challenge for our team while designing a zero-sugar bakery sweetener blend.

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No Sugar Baking Cracked

To tackle the multifaceted problem of No Sugar Baking, Arboreal’s team conducted an in-depth exploration of the properties of zero-calorie, natural sweeteners, and bulking agents.

Multiple combinations were rigorously tested for months to pinpoint a proprietary blend that not only delivered the right sweetness level but also achieved the desired baked flavor profile.

Ultimately, a proprietary combination featuring Erythritol as the bulking agent emerged as the solution to ‘The Zero Sugar Problem’.

Sugar Replacement & Reduction Solutions for Baking Applications by Arboreal

Product NameKey PropertiesApplication
ArboEDGE DB01– Reduced calories
– 1:1 sugar replacement
– Designed for application across Baking Industry
– Partial & complete sugar reduction
ArboEDGE MB03Specifically designed for cakes & cookies
– Reduced calories
– 1:1 sugar replacement
– Partial & complete sugar reduction
– For cakes & cookies

Key Properties of Arboreal Blends

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  • No Artificial Sweetener
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • Reduced Calories
  • Superior Taste & Texture
  • Rich in Dietary Fibre
  • Provide partial & Complete sugar reduction

Partner with Arboreal for Low Calorie, 100% Natural, Non GMO Sugar Replacement & Reduction solutions with amazing Taste & Texture

Visit us here to explore our range of stevia based products and other alternative sweetener products.

er products.

Click here to read the GRAS (Generally regarded as safe) notification of Stevia extracts.

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