Zero Sugar Baking

No Sugar Baking

The Zero Sugar Challenge

In the baking industry, sugar serves as more than just a sweetener.

It contributes to texture, moisture retention, mouthfeel, and, most importantly, imparts the signature browned caramel flavors.

Replicating these intricate characteristics posed the biggest challenge for our team while designing a zero-sugar bakery sweetener blend.

No Sugar Baking Cracked

To tackle the multifaceted problem of No Sugar Baking, Arboreal’s team conducted an in-depth exploration of the properties of zero-calorie, natural sweeteners, and bulking agents.

Multiple combinations were rigorously tested for months to pinpoint a proprietary blend that not only delivered the right sweetness level but also achieved the desired baked flavor profile.

Ultimately, a proprietary combination featuring Erythritol as the bulking agent emerged as the solution to ‘The Zero Sugar Problem’.

Sugar Replacement & Reduction Solutions for Baking Applications by Arboreal

Product NameKey PropertiesApplication
ArboEDGE DB01– Reduced calories
– 1:1 sugar replacement
– Designed for application across Baking Industry
– Partial & complete sugar reduction
ArboEDGE MB03Specifically designed for cakes & cookies
– Reduced calories
– 1:1 sugar replacement
– Partial & complete sugar reduction
– For cakes & cookies

Key Properties of Arboreal Blends

  • No Artificial Sweetener
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • Reduced Calories
  • Superior Taste & Texture
  • Rich in Dietary Fibre
  • Provide partial & Complete sugar reduction

Partner with Arboreal for Low Calorie, 100% Natural, Non GMO Sugar Replacement & Reduction solutions with amazing Taste & Texture

Visit us here to explore our range of stevia based products and other alternative sweetener products.

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