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Instant dry yeast, also known as fast-rising, quick-rise, or bread machine yeast, is a form of yeast that has been dried and packaged for consumer use. It is a highly convenient yeast for home bakers and commercial bakeries. It requires no proofing and can be added directly to the dough.

However, many people are unaware of the technology that goes into making instant dry yeast and what makes it unique compared to other yeast forms. This article will delve into the science behind instant dry yeast production and how it is made.

Yeast Drying Process

Drying Process

Fresh yeast is collected from a yeast culture, then dehydrated by either spray drying or drum drying. 

  • Spray drying involves spraying a yeast slurry through a hot stream of air, causing the moisture to evaporate and leaving behind dry yeast particles. 
  • On the other hand, drum drying involves spreading the yeast slurry onto a heated drum and scraping it off once it has dried. 

Both methods result in yeast particles that are small, uniform in size, and free-flowing.

Enzyme Preservation

One of the key differences between instant dry yeast and other yeast forms is its high level of enzyme preservation. Enzymes are proteins essential to the yeast’s ability to ferment sugar into carbon dioxide and alcohol. 

During the drying process, the yeast cells are protected from heat and oxygen exposure, which can damage the enzymes and compromise the yeast’s ability to ferment. By preserving the enzymes, instant dry yeast can ferment sugar more quickly and efficiently, which is why it is known for its fast-rising properties.

Rehydration and Activation

Once the yeast has been dried, it is packaged and sold to consumers. When it is ready, the yeast must be rehydrated and activated. And this is done by mixing the yeast with warm water, which causes it to absorb moisture and become active. 

This process is much quicker and easier than the traditional method of proofing yeast, which allows it to ferment in a mixture of warm water and sugar. With instant dry yeast, there is no need to wait for the yeast to ferment; it can be added directly to the dough.

Instant dry yeast is a highly convenient and versatile yeast that has revolutionised the world of baking. Its unique production process, which involves preserving the yeast’s enzymes and quick rehydration, sets it apart from other forms of yeast and makes it an ideal choice for home bakers and commercial bakeries.

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