Cocoa Mass Supply Chain: An Concise Overview of Challenges Faced

Cocoa Mass Supply Chain An Overview of Challenges Faced

The cocoa mass supply chain is a complex network that spans multiple continents and involves numerous stakeholders, from smallholder farmers to multinational corporations.  As the demand for high-quality cocoa products continues to rise, the industry faces a multitude of challenges that impact both the efficiency and sustainability of the supply chain.  This blog delves into […]

Impact of Intense Heatwave on Food Ingredient Supply Chain Operations and Logistics

Heatwave impact on Food Ingredient Supply Chain Operations and Logistics

Intense heatwaves, like the one India is going through right now, have a severe impact on all walks of life and business.  In the food ingredient market, intense heat waves significantly impact the Supply Chain operations and Logistics, due to the heat sensitive and perishable nature of these products. This blog explores these challenges in […]

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