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Maltodextrin powder is a complex carbohydrate derived from starch. It is widely used as a food additive in various products such as sports nutrition, confectionery, and baked goods.

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Product Details

Maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate derived from starch that is commonly used as a food additive. It is widely used in a variety of food and beverage products, including sports nutrition, confectionery, and baked goods.

Characteristic Features of Maltodextrin Powder

  • Neutral Taste
  • Solubility
  • Smooth Texture

Added Benefits of Maltodextrin Powder

  • Lower in calories
  • Helps stabilise food and beverage products
  • Provides a quick energy boost.


More Details:

Product name Maltodextrin
Product Use Bakery, Dairy
Starting Material Corn
Shelf life 24 Months from Packaging
Storage conditions Keep in Cool and Dry Conditions
Manufacturer Roquette
Origin India
Labels claims Low calorie, Low sugar
Certifications FDA, FSSAI, JEFCA
Packaging Type Packet
Labeled as E 1400,Maltodextrin


Maltodextrin : An Overview

Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide derived from starch, commonly corn, rice, potato, or wheat. It is made by partial hydrolysis of starch, yielding a white powder with mild sweetness and good solubility.

Maltodextrin is widely used in the food industry as a thickener, filler, or preservative due to its neutral taste and easy digestibility.

It is also used in sports drinks and supplements for quick energy release. Despite its high glycemic index, maltodextrin is considered safe for most people, but individuals with diabetes or insulin resistance should consume it cautiously


Applications of Maltodextrin 

Food Industry: 

Used as a thickener, filler, or preservative in sauces, dressings, and desserts.

Beverage Industry: 

Used in powdered drinks, sports drinks, and beer production to enhance texture and mouthfeel.

Nutritional Supplements: 

Added to protein powders and meal replacement shakes for energy and texture.


Used as a binder in pills and tablets.


Used in candies and sweets to improve texture and reduce stickiness.


Enhances texture and shelf life in baked goods.

Flavor Carrier: 

Used in spice blends and flavorings to improve dispersal.

Dairy Products: 

Used in ice cream and yogurt to improve texture and stability.

Instant Foods: 

Used in instant soups, puddings, and desserts for quick preparation.


Production of Maltodextrin 

The production of maltodextrin typically involves these steps:

Selection of Starch Source: Starch is the primary raw material for maltodextrin production. Common sources include corn, rice, potato, tapioca or wheat.

Starch Hydrolysis: The selected starch is mixed with water and then hydrolyzed using enzymes or acids. This process breaks down the starch into shorter chains of glucose molecules.

Neutralization/Deactivation: If acids are used in the hydrolysis process, the mixture is neutralized to stop the enzymatic activity and adjust the pH. If enzymes are used in the process, they are denatured and deactivated by heating.

Filtration: The hydrolyzed starch solution is filtered to remove any insoluble particles.

Concentration: The filtered solution is concentrated by evaporating water, resulting in a thick syrup.

Spray Drying: The concentrated syrup is sprayed into a hot air chamber, where the remaining water evaporates, leaving behind fine maltodextrin powder.

Cooling and Packaging: The maltodextrin powder is cooled and then packaged for distribution and sale.

Throughout the process, quality control measures are implemented to ensure the final product meets the desired specifications for texture, solubility, and taste.

Price and Availability trends of Maltodextrin 

The price and availability of maltodextrin can vary depending on factors such as demand, supply, production costs, and market dynamics.

Generally, maltodextrin is widely available through various suppliers and distributors, both online and offline.

The price of maltodextrin in India is influenced by global trends in the starch market, as well as domestic factors such as crop yields and government policies. It is important to note that prices can fluctuate due to these factors,


Dextrin and maltodextrin: A comparison

Dextrin and maltodextrin are both carbohydrate compounds derived from starch, but they differ in terms of their composition and uses. Dextrin is a simpler carbohydrate, often produced by the partial hydrolysis of starch, resulting in a mixture of short chains of glucose molecules.

It is commonly used as a thickening agent or adhesive in various industries. Maltodextrin, on the other hand, is a specific type of dextrin with a higher degree of hydrolysis, leading to a more complex mixture of glucose chains.

Maltodextrin is used primarily as a food additive, offering a neutral taste and easy digestibility, serving as a thickener, filler, or sweetener in various food products.


Fructose and maltodextrin: A comparison

Fructose and maltodextrin are both carbohydrates but differ in structure, sweetness, and uses:

  • Structure: Fructose is a monosaccharide, while maltodextrin is a polysaccharide composed of multiple glucose molecules.
  • Sweetness: Fructose is much sweeter than maltodextrin.
  • Uses: Fructose is used as a sweetener, while maltodextrin is used as a thickener, filler, or bulking agent in foods.
  • Digestibility: Fructose is metabolized in the liver, while maltodextrin is more readily digestible, providing quick energy.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Maltodextrin

Why is Maltodextrin powder used in health & energy supplements?

Maltodextrin is commonly used in bodybuilding supplements as a source of quick energy. It is often included in pre-workout and post-workout formulas to replenish glycogen stores and enhance muscle recovery.

Maltodextrin’s high glycemic index provides a rapid source of carbohydrates, which can be beneficial for athletes engaging in intense training sessions.

Is Maltodextrin powder safe to consume during pregnancy?

Maltodextrin is considered safe for consumption during pregnancy when used in moderate amounts as part of a balanced diet.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified maltodextrin as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) for use in food, including during pregnancy.

Is Maltodextrin powder safe to consume for infants?

Maltodextrin is generally considered safe for infants when used in small amounts as part of their diet. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), maltodextrin is classified as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) for use in food, including infant formula.

What are the side effects of Maltodextrin powder ?

Common side effects of maltodextrin include bloating, gas, and digestive discomfort, especially when consumed in large amounts. It can also cause spikes in blood sugar levels, which may be a concern for individuals with diabetes or insulin resistance.

Is Maltodextrin powder bad for you?

Maltodextrin is generally safe for most people in moderate amounts. However, it has a high glycemic index, which can cause blood sugar spikes.

Individuals with diabetes or those sensitive to blood sugar fluctuations should consume it cautiously. Excessive intake may also lead to weight gain or digestive issues in some individuals.

Can maltodextrin cause weight gain?

Yes, Maltodextrin can contribute to weight gain if consumed in large amounts or in a diet high in calories

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