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Sugar Replacement & Reduction Solutions for Kaju Katli using Stevia Blends

At Arboreal, we are on a mission to provide sugar alternatives without compromising on Sweetness, Flavor & Texture.

Expected Outcome

An average Kaju Katli has nearly 30% added sugar in it. Our goal is to reduce this sugar without compromising on its sweetness, texture, flavor & mouth-feel.

Factors to consider while choosing the blends

  • Complete or partial sugar reduction
  • Pricing
Kaju Katli non GMO and 100% natural Logos

Key Properties of Stevia Blends by Arboreal:

  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • Reduced Calories
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • Superior Taste & Texture
  • Rich in Dietary Fibres

Sugar Reduction & Replacement Solution for Kaju Katli by Arboreal

Product NameKey PropertiesApplication
ArboEDGE SM103Reduced calories
– 1:1 sugar replacement
Specially designed for Kaju Katli’s unique Texture & Taste
Partial & complete sugar reduction

All these products have been rigorously tested by our Formulation and Sensory Evaluation teams for Taste, Texture & Aftertaste for a great sugar reduction/removal experience.

Partner with Arboreal for Calorie reduced, 100% Natural, Non GMO Sugar Replacement & Reduction Solutions with amazing Taste & Texture

Visit us here to explore our range of stevia based products and other alternative sweetener products.

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