Smart Sugar: Sugar made less sugary

Smart Sugar: Sugar made less sugary

In the modern, health conscious world, Sugar is one of the biggest dilemmas. It causes multiple problems like Diabetes, Weight Gain, Obesity and Heart Issues, but tastes so good it feels irreplaceable and addictive. WHO recommends daily sugar intake below 10% of total daily energy intake for Adults and Children. But, an average person takes nearly 20% of total daily energy intake as added sugar on a daily basis, more than double of the Daily Limits.

What is Smart Sugar

To reduce the daily sugar intake, while maintaining its taste and sweetness, Formulation Scientists have come up with an ingenious solution: Stevia Coated Sugar (also known as “Smart Sugar”). Stevia plant (Stevia rebaudiana) leaves have molecules called Steviol Glycosides. These molecules are 200-300 times sweeter than sugar and Zero Calorie, since they’re not digested by human body.

Sugar & Stevia Leaf

Pros & Cons of Smart Sugar


  • Reduction of Daily Added Sugar intake.
  • Similar sweetness, taste & texture to 100% sugar.
  • Reduced calories.
  • Cheaper than 100% sugar-less alternatives.


  • Not Diabetes friendly.
  • Overindulgence can be harmful, just lesser.

How Is it manufactured

The main targets while designing Smart Sugar solutions are:

  • Desired level of Calorie reduction.
  • Maintaining same level of sweetness.

For this purpose, formulation scientists have devised a method to coat the desired amount of Stevia solution onto the sugar crystals.

Current Market of Smart Sugar

Products in market:

  • ‘Sugarlite’ by Zydus
  • CSR Smart White Sugar Blend’
  • ‘Sweetleaf 50% Reduced Calorie Cane sugar’
  • ‘Sweetleaf 50% Reduced Calorie Date sugar’
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Smart Sugar is globally manufactured by very few players. It is a market niche with a lot of scope for new brands to compete and co-exist. India currently has only one brand, Zydus, who have launched a Smart Sugar product.

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