Monk Fruit Extracts: Grades, Flavor profile, Applications, Benefits and Regulatory Overview

Monk Fruit Extracts: 6 common Grades, Flavor Profile, Applications, Benefits and Regulatory Overview

Monk Fruit Extracts are made using Monk fruit, also known as Luo Han Guo (a small, green gourd native to Southern China). It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. The fruit is prized for its intense sweetness, which comes from compounds called mogrosides found in the fruit’s flesh. Despite being incredibly sweet, monk fruit extract contains no calories and has no effect on blood sugar levels, making it a popular natural sweetener for those looking to reduce their sugar intake. Monk fruit extract is typically 100-250 times sweeter than table sugar, and its use is expanding in the food and beverage industry as a natural sugar substitute.

Grades of Monk Fruit Extracts

Based on Mogroside V percentage and form, these are the commonly used grades of Monk Fruit Pure Extracts:

  • Mogroside V 13.5% pure extract
    • 50-55 times sweeter than Sucrose
  • Mogroside V 20% pure extract
    • 80-85 times sweeter than Sucrose
  • Mogroside V 30% pure extract
    • 100-110 times sweeter than Sucrose
  • Mogroside V 50% pure extract
    • 200 times sweeter than Sucrose
  • Monk Fruit Juice Concentrate Mogroside V 2%
    • 8-10 times sweeter than Sucrose
  • Monk Fruit Juice Concentrate Mogroside V 3.5%
    • 13-15 times sweeter than Sucrose

Flavor Profile: All these grades have a clean, sweet taste with no bitter aftertaste, unlike some artificial sweeteners. The flavor profile is characterized by a pleasant sweetness that enhances food and beverage products without overpowering other flavors.Usually, two sweetness peaks are observed in sensory testing when using products made with Monk Fruit Extracts.

Applications of Monk Fruit Extracts

Monk Fruit Extracts can be used for diverse applications in the Food & Beverage industry. Some examples are:

  • Beverage: Solid drink, sparkling drink, flavored wine, lactobacillus beverage 
  • Dairy: low-sugar/zero-sucrose yogurt, low-sugar flavored milk, cheese 
  • Plant Protein Beverage: Oat milk, coconut milk, almond milk, soya-bean milk 
  • Functional Food: Functional drink, protein powder, energy bar, jelly, tablet candy 
  • Seasoning: Zero-calorie syrup, zero-calorie sugar 
  • Others: Ice-cream, chocolate, puree, jam, tabletop sweeteners

Benefits of Monk Fruit Extracts

  • Zero calorie product
  • Zero Glycemic index & Fat.
  • No bitter aftertaste ( when formulated correctly).
  • Safe to be consumed by diabetics & children.
  • Good stability at pH 3-11.
  • Stable at high temperatures.
  • High solubility in water.
  • Easily customisable to specific applications and use cases, using flavors & bulking agents like Stevia extracts and Erythritol.
  • Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by the US-FDA.

Regulatory Overview

Since Monk Fruit Extracts are seeing higher use in industrial applications, it is very important to understand the Regulatory norms for application in Indian and Global markets.

  • FEMA
    • Covers Monk Fruit Extracts as a Flavour & Flavour Modifier, not as a sweetener.
    • Monk fruit Juice Concentrate (Liquid): Covered as a fruit juice, not expressly categorised as flavor or sweetener.
    •  Approved under Food Safety and Standards (Approval for Non-Specified Food and Food Ingredients): 13/Std/PA/FSSAI/2017 & 27.02.2019 by FSSAI.

Based on these regulations, Monk Fruit Extracts cane be used in diverse food & beverage applications, as long as they are withing the recommended daily usage limit (no more than about 1.8 grams per kilogram of body weight per day).


Monk Fruit Extracts are highly versatile natural sweeteners with a clean, sweet taste and no bitter aftertaste, making them ideal for a wide range of food and beverage applications. With zero calories and no impact on blood sugar levels, they offer a healthier alternative to sugar for those looking to reduce their sugar intake.They are also safe for consumption by diabetics and children, and their high stability and solubility make them easy to incorporate into various products. Understanding and adhering to regulatory standards is crucial for using Monk Fruit Extracts in both Indian and global markets, ensuring their safe and effective use in your desired product applications.

Monk Fruit Extracts

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