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Discover the Production Process Behind Isomalt: The Versatile Sugar Substitute!

Isomalt powder, a widely used sugar substitute in the food industry, is a low-calorie sweetener that has gained recognition for its distinctive physical properties and versatility in different food applications.

This article discusses the manufacturing process and raw materials used to produce Isomalt powder.

Raw Materials

It is produced using sucrose, which comprises glucose and fructose. Sucrose serves as the primary raw material in the production process of Isomalt powder.

Manufacturing Process of Isomalt

The manufacturing process involves several steps, including.

Isomalt Manufacturing Process

Enzymatic Hydrolysis:

Sucrose is hydrolyzed using an enzyme to form glucose and fructose. The hydrolysis process is carefully controlled to ensure the resulting glucose and fructose mixture is optimal for the subsequent isomerization step.


The glucose and fructose mixture is then rearranged to form isomaltose through the isomerization process. This process involves an enzyme and is carefully controlled to ensure the isomaltose is of the correct composition and purity.


The isomaltose is then hydrogenated using a catalyst to form isomalt, the primary ingredient in Isomalt powder. This process involves the addition of hydrogen to the isomaltose molecule to form isomalt.

The hydrogenation process is carefully controlled to ensure the resulting isomalt is of the correct composition and purity.


The final step in the production of Isomalt powder is crystallization. The isomalt is dissolved in water and then crystallized under controlled conditions. The resulting crystals are washed, dried, and milled into a fine powder.

It is a sugar substitute that is widely used in the food industry due to its unique physical properties and suitability for various food applications. Its production involves several steps, including enzymatic hydrolysis, isomerization, hydrogenation, and crystallization. 

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